A Gift To Remember, (Director/Atg Coach), Dec. 2018, Beijing, CN

Right You Are, (Asst Director/Atg Coach), Sept. 2018, Beijing, CN

The Grapes of Wrath, (Asst. Stage Manager/ Atg Coach), Sept, 2017, Beijing, CN

Alex in Wonderland, (Director/Atg Coach/Scriptwriter), Aug. 2018, Beijing, CN

The Odd Cabaret, (Stage Manager), Sept. 2017, Beijing, CN

2B or Not 2B, (Director/Atg Coach), Aug. 2017, Beijing, CN


Live Performances

Bloody Mary, is on the Loose! (Writer/Producer/Director/Atg Coach), Dec. 2019, Beijing, CN

Bloody Mary, (Writer/Producer/Director/Atg Coach), Dec. 2017, Beijing, CN

The Oscars Gala, (Auction Coordinator), 2010, Seattle, USA

The Video Music Awards, (Talent Coordinator), 2007, Las Vegas, USA

The Video Music Awards, (Talent Coordinator), 2005, Miami, USA