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 enna morgan TEACHING CV 9 2020




Height: 5′ 6″
Size: Sm
B: 34/ W: 25/ H: 36



Pop Fuzion TV, (Red Carpet Host), Award Ceremony, 2019, USA

Dinner Detective Murder Mystery Series, Indianapolis, 2015

Bloody Mary – Interactive Theatre, Beijing 2017 – 2018

Ms Asian American Pageant, Seattle, USA


Film/ Stage/ Commercials/ Video/ Print

If Romeo Had a Cell Phone (Scriptwriter, Producer, Director, Acting Coach) – Play, 2019 Beijing, CN

Bloody Mary is on the loose! (Scriptwriter, Producer, Director) – Play, 2018 Beijing, CN

A Gift to Remember (Director, Acting Coach) – Play, 2018, Beijing, CN

Right You Are (Assistant Director, Acting Coach) – Play, 2018 Beijing, CN

Alex in Wonderland – Beijing, August 2018 (Producer, Scriptwriter, Director, Acting Coach)

GTV Commercial – (Principal) Beijing, CN, 2018

Arte of the Dead – (Street Walker, Associate Producer), 2018 – Feature Film, Las Vegas, USA

Bloody Mary: An Interactive Murder Mystery Dining Experience – (Producer, Scriptwriter, Director, Host), Live show 2017, Beijing, CN

The Odd Cabaret – (Stage Manager), by Inko, 2017, Beijing, CN

The Hutong – (Voiceover, Narrator), Short Film, 2017 Beijing, CN

The Grapes of Wrath – (Assistant Stage Manager), Play, 2017 Beijing, CN

2B or Not 2B – (Director, Theatre Coach) Play, 2017 Beijing, CN

Super Mario (Xaria), 2016 – 17 – Platformer, Nintendo Game

Simple Creatures (Director, Script Writer, DP, Gaffer), 2016 – Short Film; Beijing CN

Neurotica (Director, Writer, Producer), 2016 – Short Film, Beijing, CN

The Other Side (Director, Writer, Producer, Principal), 2016 – Short Film, Beijing, CN

BadFellaz (Carla Kane), 2015 – Feature Film; Indianpolis, IN

Companion Inc. (Dr Samantha Giordano), 2015 – Short Film; Indianpolis, IN

Ebola (Amri McKelligon), 2015 – Film Series; Indianpolis, IN
Blue Libra (Courtney Krieger), 2015 – Film, Indianpolis, IN
Homecoming, 2015 – Film, Indianpolis, IN
CDH International, 2016 – Industrial Video, Indianapolis, IL

Indiana Grand Casino, 2016 – Video Commercial; Indianapolis, IN

The Interactive Dinner Detective Show, 2015-16 – Live Show, Indianapolis, IN

Finalist, Miss Guyana, 2016 – Face of the Globe Pageant, UK

Johnson & Johnson, 2015 – Brand Ambassador, IN

IndyFitExpo, 2015 – Show Host/ Emcee, Indianapolis, IN

IceBitch, 2014 – Podcast Series, Indianpolis, IN
Soul Khan, 2012 – Music Video; New York, NY

McGraw Hill, 2012 – Educational apps; NYC, NY

Scumbag, 2012 – Indie film; NYC, NY

Mystery Diner, 2010 – TV Show; Seattle, WA

Microsoft, 2010 – Corporate Video; Bellevue, WA

Phillips Ultrasound, 2009 – Brochure; Seattle, WA

SEIU Healthcare NW, 2009 – Video Commercial; Seattle, WA
Superbowl (halftime ad) 2008 – Video & Print Ad; Seattle, WA

Pierce Transit, 2008 (Video & Print Ad), Seattle, WA
Seattle Metropolitan, 2008 – Editorial; Seattle, WA



Action Performance – Troy’s Team, Beijing, CN

Film Directing – Beijing Film Academy/NYFA, Beijing, CN

Improvisation – IndyImprov, Indianapolis

Stunt Fighting – Asylum Stunts, Chicago

On Camera – Karl J. Neimiec, Indy

Actors Academy – Jim Dougherty, Indy

Voice-over – Veronical Weikel, Seattle

Camera One – Todd Licea, Seattle

Stage Acting – John Jacobsen, The Film School, Seattle

Acting for television & Film – Rebecca Rainsberger, Seattle

Modelling – runway & print – Kim Brooke, Seattle

Inprovisation – Roberta Mc Guire, Seattle

Voice Training – New York Vocal Training


Professional Fields

The Oscars

Video Music Awards





Social Work


Skills/ Training/ Interest

Argentine tango

Ballroom dancing

Latin dancing

Swing dancing

West Coast Swing

Creative writing/ Blogging

Fashion design & Millinery

Costuming/ Wardrobing









Web designing

House Remodelling/ Flipping